Peter Iredale Ship Wreck

The shipwreck of the Peter Iredale, a four-masted steel barque sailing vessel located near Warrington, in the Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon remains a favorite destination for visitors to the park. The sailing vessel ran ashore on October 25, 1906, en route to the Columbia River. The wreckage is still visible with only the bow and some of the ribs of the ship remaining, making it one of the most accessible shipwrecks in the Columbia River channel.

Peter Iredale Bleached Bones

This is probably one of my most favorite shots of the Peter Iredale. Taken early in the morning, I was able to capture some of the fog and the soft clouds in the sky before the light became too harsh. Also, the morning afforded an opportunity to work the composition more as there were very few people around. This photo was taken with my first digital SLR, my trusty Canon 60D.

Peter Iredale Beach Sun Rise

Peter Iredale

The Peter Iredale also makes for some great sunset photos. An observation I have made as I have visited the Peter Iredale over the years is that seems to move every year on the beach. I suspect the waves move the ship around from year to year, which means sand on the beach is constantly shifting. I find this movement of the sands to be an interesting, but unexpected beach dynamic. When I revisited the Peter Iredale, I had a Sony A7RII.

Peter Iredale Beach Sunset

And finally another view of this fabulous ship. Apparently there are many sunken ships claimed by the beach sands through out this region. However the Peter Iredale remains one of the most accessible wrecks.

Peter Iredale