Pahsimeroi Valley

After two years of building a do-it-yourself square drop trailer, I am finally back on the road again, taking photos. The trailer, of course, was an amazing project where I had to apply and fine-tune many fabrication skills which includes welding, woodworking, and 12/24 Volt DC power systems. There is a reason people simply buy an RV that is already made. However this story is not about building a square drop trailer from the ground up, but rather a story about the Pahsimeroi Valley, one of Idaho's best-kept secrets.

Getting There

Not many folks, even those that live in Idaho, venture to the Pahsimeroi Valley. Why? Because it is a long way from Boise, Idaho and reaching this destination requires a special kind of fortitude. The adventure to the Pahsimeroi Valley takes you through so many beautiful places, including the ever-popular Stanley Basin and the Sawtooth mountain range. For most folks, the Sawthooths represent the destination, and most fail to dare to venture further. From Stanley, Idaho, you drive another three hours along the Salmon River until you reach Challis, Idaho, and then hang a right and head toward Arco, Idaho you eventually reach the cutoff for DoubleSpring Pass Rd off Highway 93. This is a well-maintained gravel road that takes you up and over into the Pahsimeroi Valley.

Pahsimeroi Valley Square Drop

It is worth mentioning that I put over 2000 miles on this trailer this summer.

Pahsimeroi Valley

All I can say is this place is amazing. On this trip, I went with my Dad, who at 77, handled the extreme elevation well. The entire valley floor is around 8,000 feet in elevation. I think the pictures say it all.

Pahsimeroi Valley West Fork of Pahsimeroi River
Pahsimeroi Valley Ed Svancara
Pahsimeroi Valley Sunset
Pahsimeroi Valley Road to Merriam Lake
Pahsimeroi Valley Backside of Mt Borah

Merriam Lake

If the majestic views were not enough, there is the very remote, Merriam Lake. Only accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles with high clearance. The road is rocky and will eat oil pan, transmissions, and differentials for lunch. The lake was beautiful. My Dad made it up to the Lake which was pretty amazing considering the trail is steep taking you up around 9500 feet elevation from the 8000-foot valley floor. I could not be more proud of him.

Pahsimeroi Valley - Merriam Lake

If you are lucky, you might see some of the following inhabitants.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Pahsimeroi Valley

The trip would not be complete without a shameless selfy.

Pahsimeroi Valley Randall Svancara

Last Night

On my last night, I took this photo of my living accommodations. I can tell you, the older I become, the more appreciate a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. This trailer has made all the difference for me.

Pahsimeroi Square Drop Trailer