Kubota Garden Renton Washington

Kubota Garden in South Seattle is a beautiful, 20 acre park. This park is a favorite destination for wedding parties looking for a natural landscape. One can follow the many paths and get lost in the scenery as you make your way through the stunning vegetation, calm pools and trickling waterfalls. More information can be found at http://www.kubotagarden.org/

Kubota Garden Waterfall

One of the many little waterfalls in this great park. Although this water fall is not very big, the little path that goes over the fall and the amazing fall color leaves that decorate the small stream add a beautiful contrast.

Kubota Gardens Waterfall

Tranquil Leaves at Kubota Garden

Many amazing photographic opportunities can be found at Kubota Garden. Colorful fall leaves in a small pond float along peacefully.

Kubota Garden Fall Leaves in the Pond

Kubota Garden Pond

Seattle city acquired this property, which is an historic landmark, in 1987 from the estate of master landscaper Fujitaro Kubota. Kubota was a horticultural pioneer when he began merging Japanese design techniques with North American materials in his display garden in 1927. The Gardens are a spectacular setting of hills and valleys, interlaced with streams, waterfalls, ponds, bridges, and rock out-croppings with a rich array of plant material

Kubota Gardens Lakes

Kubota Garden Flower

Although I visited the park in the fall, there are still many variety of flowers to be found. If you are into macro photography, you will find some amazing flowers blooming all times of the year.

Kubota Gardens Flowers

Kubota Garden October

Visiting the park in October, you can see some pretty amazing colors. Quite possibly one of the best times to visit. As I conclude this article, I will leave you with this one last image of the last waterfall I photographed. The conclusion about this park is that there are amazing photographic opportunities and you could spend hours here with your camera. Until next time, keep taking visually intriguing photos!

Kubota Gardens Water Features

Kubota Garden Lovers Bench

I thought this was interesting.

Kubota Gardens Lovers Chair