About Trying Adventure

Another Trying Adventure... A place for photography and fun!

What is Trying Adventure

Is it a trying adventure or are you trying to adventure? That is the question. This site attempts to answer this most basic question through interesting stories and photography. I am taking life one adventure at a time and attempting to capture the most interesting elements that tell a story. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young and I have always been inspired by famouse landscape photographers. I hope to inspire others. The best camera you have is the one in your hands. Be it a camera phone or an expensive full frame camera, capturing interesting images is now accessible for everyone. Never in the history of humans has there been so many mediums for expression and telling stories. Trying Adventure is my canvas for sharing my photography with you!

About Trying Adventure

Sorry Wix, I just could not bring myself to building some website using a canned platform. While great in concept and probably would of saved me countless hours writing code, I really wanted to create a platform which is fast and responsive. So, I did what any great engineer does, I built my own site. The entire site is built in GoLang, an amazing language developed originally by Google, but now is one of the many popular languages out there.

You can view the project on https://github.com/rsvancara/goblog