About Trying Adventure

Another Trying Adventure... A place for photography and fun!

Randall Svancara

I am Randall Svancara and I have a crazy Czech last name and it is pronounced, /swɑːn/ + /ˈserə/, at least here in the United States. My day job is technology, where I have helped organizations build everything from super computers to now where I am working to change the world by reducing our carbon footprint in the electric vehicle market. More on that another time.

What is Trying Adventure

I built tryadventure to support my photography. I have been involved in photography since I was in college, where my first camera I owned was the venerable Pentax K1000, a fully mechanical camera. The Pentax K1000 provided an excellent platform to expose the basics of photography and the fundementals of light. The K1000 was fantastically simple but you really had to know your stuff, especially with film photography. While the smartphone will forever remain the "go to" camera due to its convenient size and amazing functionality, I still choose to lug around a full frame sensor camera because smartphones still have not figured out completely to emulate the physics of a lens in order to maximize creative flexibility.

About Trying Adventure

Sorry Wix, I just could not bring myself to building some website using a canned platform. While great in concept and probably would of saved me countless hours writing code, I really wanted to create a platform which is fast and responsive. So, what did I do? I did what any great engineer does, I built my own site. The entire site is built in GoLang, an amazing language developed originally by Google, but now is one of the many popular langauges out there.