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December 2022, Friday
The colors and textures of the Palouse hills are primarily influenced by the variable weather and the crops that blanket the fields. While there's a general progression of changes in the appearance of fields over the course of a year, part of the fun of photographing the Palouse is that these patterns aren't set in stone and you can never be exactly sure what you'll see or what the light will be. ... Click Here to Read More
The Best of the Palouse
December 2022, Saturday
In June my friend Andrew contacted me and asked if I would go on a hike into Buckhorn Lake. I said sure, but one problem. I have never heard of Buckhorn lake. I asked my brother, Jason, who knows the area well and he said he had never heard of it either. After much searching around on Google Maps, we found the lake. The trail to the lake comes out of the East and starts at a trailhead that is over three-hour drive from McCall. I called up my friend Andrew and asked him about this and his reply was, no, we are going to start from Lick Creek. I looked again at the map. Clearly, there was no trail Lick Creek to Buckhorn Lake. Andrew began to explain how there was this old sheep herding trail up Idler creek that took you to a saddle above Buckhorn lake. He also said he had gone up and cleared all the logs and re-established the trail. Only in Idaho would someone consider this. I agreed to go on the trip and my brother Jason threw in as well. ... Click Here to Read More
Buckhorn Lake Bushwack
February 2022, Thursday
jade lake
alpine lakes wilderness
High up in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, there is a shimmering blue lake surrounded by soaring, snow-covered peaks. The experience of hiking to Jade Lake feels like a dream, especially once you return to civilization. If my sore legs didn’t serve as a reminder, I would question whether it even happened. ... Click Here to Read More
Jade Lake
January 2022, Saturday
larch madness
Those not familiar with the Northwest may not know about the magical displays of yellow and gold put on by two kinds of trees. I’m referring to the Lyall’s or Subalpine Larch and the Western Larch. The needles of these two unusual coniferous trees turn a brilliant gold every fall before they are shed. Both varieties are grown in very specific areas. ... Click Here to Read More
Larch Madness, North Cascades
January 2022, Saturday
mt rainier
A place of undeniable beauty, Mount Rainier National Park includes rugged mountain peaks and stunning wildflowers blooms in rolling green valleys. Only 60 miles outside Seattle, Mount Rainier is an iconic part of Washington’s landscape. ... Click Here to Read More
Mt Rainier Summer Day
December 2021, Thursday
lower lewis falls
pacific northwest
If we were to create a bucket list of things to do in Washington State, it would be a mile long. With breathtaking overlooks, enchanting forests, and cascading waterfalls around every turn, you could easily spend your entire vacation exploring. At the top of our list would be Lower Lewis Falls. Located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, this waterfall is one of the best in the area. ... Click Here to Read More
This Is Why You Need to Visit the Enchanting Lower Lewis Falls
November 2021, Thursday
pahsimeroi valley
Not many folks, even those that live in Idaho do not venture to the Pahsimeroi Valley. Why? Because it is a long way from Boise, Idaho and reaching this destination requires a special kind of fortitude. ... Click Here to Read More
Pahsimeroi Valley
August 2020, Tuesday
mt rainier
Surrounded by highland forest, Tehaleh combines the serenity and value of Pierce County with a convenient location just southeast of Tacoma in the South Sound. Featuring amazing vistas with Mt. Rainier dominating the landscape. Tehaleh is a fun place to visit. ... Click Here to Read More
Tehaleh Community
August 2020, Monday
diamond lake
Diamond Lake is located north of Spokane along the Newport Highway in Washington. ... Click Here to Read More
 Diamond Lake
August 2020, Sunday
kubota gardens
Kubota Garden in South Seattle is a beautiful, 20 acre park. This park is a favorite destination for wedding parties looking for a natural landscape. One can follow the many paths and get lost in the scenery as you make your way through the stunning vegetation, calm pools and trickling waterfalls. More information can be found at ... Click Here to Read More
Kubota Garden Renton Washington